Deleting billing account by administrator

Deleting billing account is available for Admins. This can be used in cases where user has left the platform and there and unpaid charges that need to be resolved or when there is abuser who needs to be stopped quickly.

Deleting a billing account by administrator


A user’s billing account can be deleted even when there are active resources in use or pending unpaid charges for resources. If there is a positive ongoing balance of account, it will be discarded as account is deleted, so you might need to sort that out first. It is up to provider to decide if this credit should be returned to the customer and how.

Deleting the account from administrative area will carry out following:


Creating closing invoices and credit note

As a part of account termination procedure, following accounting documents will be issued, depending on the payment scheme:





Any pending usage charges for current month, as well as for previous months, are a basis for new usage reports, but unlike usual monthly reports, these can end up having a negative “total” amount, because overused amount cannot be issued to next month for a deleted account anymore.

A report will be added for each month having pending usage charges, including the current month.

PDF documents for reports generated at this stage are not sent out to the account email.

Any pending usage charges for current month, as well as for previous months. There will be an unpaid invoice added for each month having pending usage charges.

For each invoice generated at this stage a PDF document is sent out to the billing account email.

Since the ongoing charges for resources usage cannot be payed anymore, the amount owed by the user on this particular account needs to be cancelled out with a credit note.

If there has been created any reports with negative amount, a credit note will be created as well.

If there are any unpaid invoices for this account, a credit note will be created as well, and the status of invoices will be changed to paid.

A PDF document is sent out to the billing account email.

Credit note sums up all unpaid charges along with VAT amounts and thus provides a document for crediting the customer’s account, leaving the corresponding amount out of company balance.

Viewing deleted billing accounts

After billing account has been deleted users can not see their account anymore. Admins on the other hand are still able to search and view the deleted billing account

Deleted billing accounts can be found in the Admin Billing Accounts table. Column “Deleted” needs to be made visible for that first.


By default deleted billing accounts are not shown but filtering can be updated so both deleted and not deleted billings accounts are visible

Removing block from suspended billing accounts

Admins can suspend billing accounts when they are doing suspicious actions.

Suspending billing account will:

  • stop all it's resources automatically, customer will not be able to start them again.

  • block user from creating any new billing accounts

When billing account is deleted it will remain suspend and block user from creating any new billing accounts. The block can be removed from admin by searching the users billing accounts and removing the suspended state from the deleted billing account. Billing account will stay delete but will not block user from creating a new billing account.


Warren’s share

All the closed billing account during a month will be summed together based on their credited amount. This amount will be then deducted from the Warren’s share. Meaning Warren will not take usage share from users who have left platform without paying.


Warren’s share = (Usage - Total amount credited) * 20%

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