Referral Code feature/program

What is it?

When signing-up to cloud platform, every new user gets randomly generated unique referral code. This provides them opportunity to earn bonus credits to their billing account by sharing their unique referral code or link with friends or associates.

Any new user who signs up using shared referral code is eligible for fixed amount of free credit.

The owner of the shared referral code also is rewarded with fixed amount of free credit.

Previously mentioned extra credit is added to both parties billing accounts after this new end-user payment method or required pre-payment is verified.

Referral code is case insensitive, so e.g "Cloud21" and "CLOUD21" are both valid when signing up.


How to setup/configure referral program?

When cloud provider decides to enable referral code feature, then support request through provided channels is required. Client specifies values for amount of credit received by the promoter and new end-user following successful sign-up through the referral program.











How to use referral code?


  • End-user can find his/her unique referral code under Billing/Billing Account

    1. Referral Code: end-user can copy this code and share it wherever needed. New end-user can refer to this code in registration

    2. Referral URL: end-user can copy this URL and share it wherever needed. Through this link, new end-user gets to the registration page and referral code field is prefilled.

      Referral program on billing account details view
  • End-user can see under Billing/Billing Account their balance history and actions taken with the referral code.


  • Admin can view and change referral codes under Amin/Billing Accounts

    1. Shows if someone has used shared referral code during the sign-up

    2. Shows the referral code of the end-user. Admin can change referral code for specific billing account.