Private Networks

Every users has their own network on Warren platform. When user creates a new resource a default network is created for the user. After introducing Private Network feature users can now create additional private networks for themselves, the first default network called “My Network” can also be seen now in the UI. Networks are all location specific.


Creating Private network

A new network can be create either on the main page or on the Network tab on the left menu by clicking “Create New Network Resource”

Creating network on the main page


Creating Private network on Network tab

The user needs to specify the network name and click “Create”


First created network is set as default. If user has not create a new network the automatically created default network is set as default. The networks will be listed in Network Resources aside with Floating IPs of the user.


Creating VM to a Network

If the user does not have any resources yet the VM will be created in the default network

The default network named “My Network” will be created while creating the VM

If user has already one or more private networks the network can be selected when creating the VM. Also a new network can be created by clicking “Add New” in the networks' dropdown.



Moving VMs between networks

The VM’s cannot be moved between networks. To move a VM to another network a new VM has to be create from a snapshot or backup of the VM which can then be created to the new chosen network.


Changing Private Network

The network name can be changed on the network details page. Also the network can be set to default or deleted. The network cannot be deleted if it is the default network or it has some resources. Set network as default means this network is suggested as a first option when creating a new VM.